6 Signs You’re A Netflix Addict

Ever wonder whether you’re addicted to Netflix or it’s just a normal thing to enjoy the platform? We’ve created a checklist to confirm your status, make sure to read it below before you assess yourself:

  1. You Share Your Premium Account With Your Family or Friends. If you are an addict, Netflix is a monthly sustenance for you.. While most citizens are used to paying monthly bills, sharing a premium account with other users can cut down the monthly charges cheaper. Simply put, you have a single account with different users for each profile. This type of setup is usually normal among many Netflix users especially to those who are friends or family.
  2. You Have A Netflix Application On Your Phone. Having a Netflix application on your phone is like having Netflix by your side 24/7 without the need of internet or a laptop at all times. Most Netflix addicts, download movies or episodes of their favorite TV shows into their phones through applications and watch them while they’re on the way of a long commute or having a break from work. If you can have an application usage monitoring on your phone it is likely that you spend more than 30 hours per week on your Netflix app.
  3. You Have Re-watched Old Favorite Film or Show In Netflix.The best thing that Netflix offers to 90s kids is the availability of the TV shows and films they’ve grown up with. From FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls up to Prison Break – Netflix is the best platform if you want to relive all the feels you’ve had during your teenage years. Most users who are considered 90s kids and are Netflix addicts must have watched these TV shows at least twice just because they’re nostalgic and brings joy. Most Netflix users find the platform appealing because of the accessibility of these shows – no bureaucratic registration needed, no cut-off of availibility, no ads; just search the title of the film or show and if it is available, you’ll be able to watch it.
  4. You Are On The Lookout On What’s Going and What’s Staying In Netflix. With Netflix’s rise of popularity, other streaming platforms have also tried to cobble famous TV shows in their end to acquire more user subscriptions. If you’re an addict, you’re always on the loop on what’s staying and what’s going out from Netflix. Most Netflix addicts binge watch TV shows and films based on their availability. If a certain TV show or film is only staying until the end of this month, then it’s likely that users will watch it before it goes. If you’re fond of watching weekly episodes and you find out that the whole season will be available by the end of the year – you will probably just wait for the whole season and binge watch it on the end of the year. Basically, Netflix addicts have a system on when to watch and what to prioritze watching.
  5. You Like Staying Home In The Weekends. Long gone were the days of partying during the weekend and late night-out with friends. If you are hooked to Netflix, you probably have a tub of ice cream at your fridge, your favorite pizza restaurant number on your speed dial and a nice comfy blanket on your bed or sofa. You enjoy the solitude of watching a creative artwork in the form of a film or show while eating your comfort food in your comfiest clothes. Whether you are with your boyfriend, your family, your pet or just alone, you find that – staying home, watching Netflix a luxury!
  6. You Enjoy Netflix Originals. If you’re done watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you might feel that you need something new and original just so you can detach yourself from the last film you’ve watched. And so, you turn yourself to a new chapter and get hooked with Netflix Originals – films and TV shows released exclusively on Netflix such as Stranger Things, Always Be My Maybe, The Kissing Booth and A Christmas Prince.

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