6 Signs You’re A Netflix Addict

Ever wonder whether you’re addicted to Netflix or it’s just a normal thing to enjoy the platform? We’ve created a checklist to confirm your status, make sure to read it below before you assess yourself: You Share Your Premium Account With Your Family or Friends. If you are an addict, Netflix is a monthly sustenance […]


The French mother sauces explained.

It seems today’s gastronomy is all about a modern, almost scientific approach. The best restaurants in the world are bold and propositive; there’s little space for shyness in contemporary food culture.  You see, most of today’s celebrity chefs had a proper, old fashioned culinary training, and ask them about classic techniques and recipes, chances are […]


Four hot dogs to try when in NYC

New York City has gained the reputation of having the most varied, intricate, and delightful cuisine in the country. The city host’s many of the best restaurants in the world, and small eateries, from cafes to street carts, keep the busy New Yorkers well fed, tailoring to every possible preference.  You can indeed find every food in […]


Five tacos you should know

We know, Mexican food is much more than tacos, but they’re undeniably the countries staple food. The thing is, tacos come in all shapes and sizes; almost anything, from stewed beef to zucchini flowers, from pulled pork to wild mushrooms, everything goes, and it’s all good. Hundreds of taco versions exist, both in Mexico and […]


Five styles of pizza to rule them all

Pizza might trully be the single most eaten food around the globe. The art of making pizza propagated like the plague, and now you can get a slice in almost any country in the world. Pizza is simply good, in all its shapes and sizes. Every culture has made the iconic dish their own; whether it’s using […]


Five types of sushi to know and love

Sushi has earned a place in our hearts. It’s everywhere now, from mall kiosks to the supermarket aisles, from all-you-can-eat sushi bars to Michelin stared gastro-temples. You can pay 300 dollars for a few pieces of sushi at a high-end restaurant in Tokyo, or you can spend spare change for a roll at the grocery […]


What to Eat in Lebanon

Lebanon offers both foodies and tourists the most exciting dining scenes in the Middle East. There are influences that stem from the Ottoman, Syrian, and French influences that have littered the country throughout history. Beirut is packed full of restaurants and cater to all types of budgets with plenty of options. Knefeh Although this is […]