Five dips you should master before your next party

Dipping sauces have gained an essential part on the table, especially when having friends over. A good conversation is only livened with a tasty snack and its complimentary dip. A game is better enjoyed and catching up is simply easier over uncomplicated finger food. 

Being a good host means you’ve got the snack food department covered, and no matter if you serve crudités (fancy vegetable sticks) or buffalo wings, you should have a few dip recipes up your sleeve. From rich and creamy, to seafood-based dip, you can get started with these. 


Guacamole is the most underrated dip around, and it’s more versatile than you think. Avocado is living its golden years, as vegetarian and vegan food trends are on a never-ending rise to mainstream, this dip is not just classic but trendy. 

Mash a few ripe avocados, then add finely diced onion, cilantro and tomato and mix well. Don’t forget to add salt to liven the flavors and a drizzle of lime juice to add acidity and keep the avocado from turning brown. 

Tuna Dip

Three ingredients are all you need to make an intense dip reminiscent of the blue sea. Canned tuna, cream cheese and a spoonful of premium olive oil make this delightful dipping sauce a not-so-ordinary addition to your recipe book.

So, what’s it good for? Well, anything from celery sticks to salted crackers. Tuna is intensely flavorful and might be overpowering, so find the right proportions between tuna and cream cheese. There’s no need to add salt to this one; tuna is naturally salty. 

Oyster Dip

A can of smoked oysters and a cup of whipped cream blended to silky perfection turn out as the perfect conversation starter. This dip will rise to the occasion and is ideal for fancy family dinners or for when your boss is coming for dinner. Enjoy with slightly toasted artisan bread or crackers. 

Did you know oysters have all nine essential amino acids and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids? You see, dips can be good for you! 

Beer Dip

A cup of cream cheese, two spoonfuls of blue cheese and half a beer. Trust us, it works. This beer dip is perfect for hot wings, fried cheese sticks, or potato wedges. If it has beer in it, it must be exciting, right? It is.  

For better results use amber or dark beer, the sweet malt notes will contrast beautifully with the tangy, salty blue cheese. Mix well and refrigerate for a while before serving. 


You might not think of hummus as a dip, but it is, an ancient one by the way. It is widespread throughout the Mediterranean and can be a great addition to your dip repertoire. 

Add to your food processor a can of chickpeas, a few garlic cloves, two spoons of tahini sauce, lime juice and a spoonful of olive oil. The truth is, this is no easy recipe, so we won’t judge you if you just buy this one. 

Making this dip is quite daring, especially if you want it to be perfectly balanced and beautifully textured. Hummus might be the king of dips, and it is in many countries. Look well-traveled and serve a nice, smooth hummus with pita bread chips.

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